A tragic comedy on CNA

I stumbled over this programme aired after 8.30pm over CNA last night. I was attracted by the topic, ‘Are citizens the new minority’, an issue which we have been talking almost everyday in cyberspace. There was a female, stated as a MBA student, a bright adolescent, an older man with age on his side and presumably wiser, and two young men, one a co host of the programme and another whom I am still trying to figure out what he was or is. He didn’t say much and throughout the programme appeared a bit lost. Oh, the older man was the other host. As the programme got on its way, I started to wonder what kind of programme it was. I was expecting something serious or at least intelligent from CNA, and I can’t accept anything less. Could it be a comedy or just a light hearted talkshow? The key question that was popped subsequently was the meaning of being a Singaporean. The MBA student, a new citizen, still new after 14 years, could only manage to say she was proud to be a Singaporean. The adolescent was honest by declaring that he did not know what a Singaporean meant. This is the best proof that we should shelf our nation building programme. The older host was laughing all the way, not knowing what he was laughing at. He was the jester of the show. Neither did he volunteer any explanation or definition of the term Singaporean. He just laughed it off. The other young host was at ease with himself and his profession. He just talked and talked, which was what he knew best and did best. As long as he was talking, he had done his job. What came out of it, meaningful or meaningless, was not his concern or cup of tea. The other young man, oh, he was listening intently, and by the end of the programme still probably trying to figure out what was going on. If it was meant to be a serious discussion, they picked the wrong guys and gal. Either too new, too young, or too old or too ignorant. If it was meant to be a comedy, it was tragic, a tragic comedy. Singaporeans new and old, young and not so young, all five of them did not know what a Singaporean meant? Don’t they ever knew or heard of what nation building is all about? Why nation building if being a Singaporean is not important or no better than being an immigrant or a foreign talent? If we can easily throw away the concept of a nation and being a citizen, then we need not be bother about nation building, and neither is it important to call ourselves Singaporean. Forget about National Day Parade as well. Maybe that is what we have become, stateless. We don’t even know the difference being a citizen or belonging to a country and a non citizen. And the old juvenile in the discussion told them, and over the air, that Singaporeans must grow up and accept all immigrants here, welcome them with open arms. His simple reason, or simplicity, is that we were immigrants, So the immigrants and us were the same. Didn't he want to know why our forefathers were immigrants and forced to come here and built this nation? My goodness, what is the message coming out from that programme? I hope CNA should give a pre warning or notice on the category of such a programme. If it is meant to be a fun talkshow without substance, then tell the audience. If it is meant to be a serious discussion, say so, and make sure the main casts are up to it. Discussing about what is a Singaporean must be done by well informed and knowledgeable people. Not jokers or people who just talk for fun as a profession. Maybe it was all meant in jest. I am being too serious and expecting too much.


Anonymous said...

Nah, let's not make a mountain out of a hill, the show wasnt so bad. In fact it was informative enough to me. Actually I was so amused with your comments that I might have mistaken you to be the funny comedian in this instance.

Anonymous said...

I thought so too, beano. Seems like we lack that kind of wise people or what. So shallow ours.

redbean said...

we have been belittling the term singaporeans and citizenship. the value of being a citizen is diminishing by the day.

the topic, 'are citizens the new minority' will soon come true if we are too complacent. shouldn't open our legs so wide and let everyone in happily. you get torn to bits in no time.

a mole hill can become a mountain if you keep piling on it.

redbean said...

why is there a need to build a nation? why is it important to celebrate national day?

why do we call ourselves a nation and not singapore pte ltd?

our forefathers were immigrants without a home, forced out of their countries to find a living. they built this place for us to call home. we can empathise with those foreigners coming here to seek a better life. but we must know that this is our home and they are guests. if we get the two confused and they become hosts and owners and we become guests, we are in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

you paid what, 30cts a day for tv licence, horde the tv with a family of like, 6and expect roll royce tv entertainment? come on.

redbean said...

ok,ok, you got your point. value for money. 30c you get 30c value. $300 gets $300 value : )