Time to stand up, time to speak up

Who says that Singaporeans are compliant sheep? We have seen the spontaneous uprising against the abuses in the old NKF saga. Now we are seeing another mass action against a potential govt decision that will adversely affect the people. Yes the sheep have spoken. They have rounded themselves to take a stand. They did not want to be pushed around. The more significant of this petition is that it is not against an individual but against the authority. They are saying no to the authority. In other countries, this is chicken feed. In paradise, this is a kind of uprising. And you can see that the people are not going to take no for an answer. They are up in arms. Would the govt bulldoze its way through or would the govt back off and announce that it was only at the discussion stage? No decision has been taken and the workers will be sited elsewhere that are more suitable?


gacktan said...

time for Serangoon Garden to upgrade..

the sheep will be so happy that they will forget about the FW

redbean said...

hi gacktan,

welcome to the blog.

upgrading is a good idea. one item is to erect a barb wire perimeter fence around serangoon garden, then beautify it with plants to make it look more pleasing to the eyes. only pass holders allow to enter. that should keep the foreign workers out : )

now what else would they like?

Anonymous said...

I think the majority of us are not "sheeps". This label is more applicable to those going around calling others sheep becos they feel they are. Except for the issue of "unjustified" fare increase by the transport operators in return for shit passenger services, I dun see any need to stand up or speak up on anything becos most issues have already been well thought out and implemented here. If you look at our neighbours and the shit that they are in, you will know what I mean. If you are the complaining and negative type, even when you have a million in your pocket, you will still be complaining and, believe me, it has nothing to do with the environment, but more with yourself!

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

What is happening in Serangoon Garden? I like the place and I like Chomp2. So why the fuss if the disused school is converted to house the FW? Cannot see anything bad. It would bring more vibrancy to the area.

Anonymous said...

Beanie's comments seemed peppered with undertones of prejudice and racism for the foreign workers; does he finds them disgusting becos he is different from these decent humans?

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you visited the Marina South.. You should take a drive there and see for yourselves. That place completely emptied out.. Not a SOUL there.. Like some abandoned building.. (Couldnet help but wonder why FI here instead absolutely open grounds for races)

My point here is the emptied out MARINA SOUTH is an excellent location to temporarily house the FW maybe on 2-3 years lease. Put some bright lights and decent toilet, the rest will fall in.

Some SLA officer jeolously guarding what turf? Slow to react - if this was private properties, it will be adaptively re-used immediately. SLA-LEASE IT OUT so some FW operators can run FW quarters to relieve the pressure for FW dormitories.

redbean said...

as i said in my post, this is not racism but a clash of class. you can't expect the rich and well heeled, bathing in their $500 a bottle perfume to mingle around with people who don't even bathe, and smell of sweat and mud.

depending on which angle you are looking at, the hawkers at chomp chomp will love the foreign workers. the maids too. the govt definitely would not mind. it is only the people living there.

like it or not, 1500 strangers, bare chested men with testerone running high in their blood, straggling around the neighbourhood to kill time on their day off, and competing with the limited facilities, esp transportation, if you are a resident there, i don't think you would want that.