Time to fine the SGX

xyIt is so easy to throw fines at small investors and remisiers for mistakes that they make. What about mistakes made by SGX? Should SGX be find for mistakes or non compliance to procedures or for sloppiness? It is time that MAS start to monitor and imposed fines on SGX for not doing what it is supposed to do. Only then will it be fair.


Mockingbird said...

Do you think Hsieh Fu Hua deserves his $6m a year salary?

redbean said...

well, he has built a good reputation for SGX. World best and with many more stocks and linkages to other stock exchanges, and many derivatives to trade. and sgx is making money.

these are positive for him.

if anyone were to calculate how many billions were lost by investors to IPOs and stocks, it tells a different story.

Anonymous said...

Cheats, robbers and murderes are charged for breaking the Laws.

Has anyone heard of regulators charged in court for neglect of duties or sitting on their jobs?

I have not.


redbean said...

maybe they are like gods, never make mistakes.