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Thumbs up for CPF staff

Nothing to do with the policies and the need for people to contribute till death do they part. Wondering why people who are economically active after 60 would still be needed to contribute to their CPF? Just a side track. I was at CPF the other day during lunch time and there were quite a lot of people waiting to be attended. Quite normal as lunch time is a good time for many employees to do their personal chores. What struck me was the attitude of the counter staff at the reception. There was a kind of purpose, enthusiasm and dedication to their job. They came across like self employed people running their own business and knowing that every customer counts and every second counts. They attended to their customers as quickly and attentively as they could. For those who needed to join the long queue, they were advised to go for lunch and return later after collecting the queue number. For those that could be attended to quickly, they did it immediately. I have never seen a govt dept or stats board that is so fired up. Whoever is motivating these staff to work that way deserves an award.


Anonymous said...

All along, I have noticed the high level of services provided at most govt offices. This point seems to have been missed by those that were busy criticising the negative aspects of the govt. We have a hell of a great govt and it is time you wake up to this fact, thank you.

redbean said...

just read my last sentence on this carefully. i have ticked off many staff for being rude before. this phenomenon of enthusiastic staff is a rarity.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show that you have been sleeping. From our dealings, with not just the CPF as you have rightly pointed out, all the other departments, including the quasi ones, have been exemplary and service oriented, be it at the police HQ, polyclinics, HDB, Acra or IRAS. Try going to one of these counterparts in the neighboring countries and you will quickly realise that these attributes of efficiency does not happen here by accident. You will certainly do better by being more observant. When I said "our", I meant more than 1 feedback. Thank you.

redbean said...

i quoted based on my personal experience and the encounters of my friends. are you speaking basing on your experience or something else?