Strike Toto also cannot pay

Read a posting in YPAP about a Stomper complaining that his mother's medical bill from a private hospital was $700k! Toto's normal payout is $650k. This is the kind of money that Sinkies are made to accept as reasonable. You want quality service, world class service, this is what you should be prepared to pay. Our lives are so good that we should pay several hundred thousands just to keep ourselves alive. The unthinkable thing is that private hospitals got the gumption to issue a bill of such an amount. This is ridiculous beyond any count. Hospitals must make it known to the patient how much it will cost or at least an ideal of how big the bill may come to. This will give the patient a choice to opt to die and save the money for his/her family. Hey, this kind of money is like a fortune to all the losers here.


Anonymous said...

That's a big big bill indeed! Oh, I am sure they did make it known to the patient, but there is always the argument that they did not foresee this and that. Remember a case a year or two ago about (I think) a Burmese women's mother who came here and had a botched operation and had to pay hospital bills of a few hundred thousand. Patients are always in a lose-lose situation. I rather be a bean.

redbean said...

from what i have read, they wanted to move the mother out but was told that they could not. now they were told that they could then.

chicken and duck talking.

i think private hospitals must be thinking that singaporeans are growing money inside their HDB flats.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the pradise.