Statistically speaking

The Americans spent 16% of their GDP on healthcare. The Japanese 9%. So statistically speaking, we should spend more on our healthcare. The numbers must be right. Don't compare the lifestyle of the Americans and the chunks of meat, alcohol and tobacco they are consuming. Don't worry about their income level and the carbon monoxide they are breathing in from their 6000cc limousines running on the road. We need to spend more as others are also spending more. Singaporeans should spend $15 out of $100 on healthcare. This is reasonable. For the poor buggers and the losers, who have to spend every single cent of their income every month, $7 out of $100 go to GST. This would mean that for every $100 they earned, $22 must be set aside just for these two items. How much must go to public transportation? Well. this is a first world country. Nothing is for free. And we give good quality. Our medical care is world class. And this is the cheapest we can go. And don't expect our world class hospitals to provide less than world class services and healthcare. For that type of services and quality, please go to neighbouring non first world countries. They are definitely cheaper. And patients are asking for titanium inplants instead of cheaper steel products. That is the quality of our patients and their ability to pay. So medical care must surely cost more.


Anonymous said...

Too much is not enough

way when everything was less,
we were content and
do with less.

Now that everything is at our dooesteps,
we cannot keep our stomach fed and
cannot do with less.

how much you ask? everthing too much.

Anonymous said...

Wow, in the second half of your post you sound like a MIW or a 'bean in white' The healthcare service is designed for people who are asking for titanium inplants. Cannot ask for steel inplants meh! Why they so like that?

redbean said...

the message is on the wall. we are moving towards a first world city. everything must befit what a first world city is. everything must be the best. and of course that means the people must be able to pay as well.

and the people must also know that if they want to live in a first world city, they themselves must be first world also, which means must be able to pay.

everyone must level up man. nobody is left behind. only nobodies.