Special Branch probes defection rumours: S'wak MP

This is a post in Malaysiakini. How come the Malaysian Special Branch finds it their duty to question MPs from crossing over to the opposition? This is politics and nothing concerning the police. It is not a threat to national security. It is the right of the politicians to join whichever party they want. The police, as the executive arm of the govt, civil servant, should not be involved in the politics of the country. They should remain neutral. Once the police and army get into politics, Malaysia could end up like Thailand and Indonesia. That would not be healthy. Maybe it is too late. The Anwar saga before and the new Anwar saga in the making do not speak well of what is happening to the police force.


Anonymous said...

Two Malaysian PAP politicians are making news in Singapore too.

'Malaysia Boleh' is no idle boast.

Anonymous said...

dunno whether they have given up their malaysian citizenship or not. i heard many pr still hold on so when retire can collect all their cpf.