Speaking up in Speaker's Corner

Do we need a Speaker's Corner to speak up? With the internet, would it be good enough? How would Speaker's Corner add up to the right to speak up on Singapore issues? The first thing that came into my mind is money. No, you don't need money to speak at the Speaker's Corner. But the spectators need money to get there. With the high cost of travelling, $3 average to and fro to listen to someone speaking at the Corner, would it be too expensive? Many Singaporeans are more or less confined to their homes and neighbourhoods unless there is a real reason to spend $3 to take public transport. They will have to think very carefully to want to go down to the Speaker's Corner. There will be some listeners, the same people day in and day out. Those that happen to stay around the Speaker's Corner, and those lunch time crowd of office workers working in the area. That may be all there is. And if public transport cost keeps going up, the number of spectators will likely to go down unless there is a hot issue that everyone wants to listen to. Or maybe a great orator will appear to enthral the crowd. Come to think of it, tranport cost is a big factor to decide how big the crowd is. For the many who have been used to the new media, the Speaker's Corner will be too far away.

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Anonymous said...

I think with the activities in cyberspace, Speaker's Corner has been relegated to relative unimportance now.