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Senoko Power sold

Senoko Power is sold to a Japanese consortium. 2 out of 3 power stations have been sold. One more to go. Will we also see the water treatment plants be sold? If that be the case, electricity and water bills will be generated by private companies. And when they raise prices, it will be a commercial decision. These are private organisations are there to provide a service and to make money for their shareholders, just like SMRT and Singapore Bus and privatised hospitals and HDB. One thing that the people can expect is better quality of service and higher efficiency. Good for the people, good for the economy.


Anonymous said...

'One thing that the people can expect is better quality of service and higher efficiency'

All this on the assumption that you can afford to pay for it. They privatised the hospitals and some find it unaffordable. Same with HDB now. If you say good, good lah!

redbean said...

hahaha: )

Anonymous said...

Sold becos the country monies belong to me. If i dont sell now, it will be squaunder away later after i am gone. With the monies raised I can go buy some more Citicorp, ML and UBS shares and plan for SIN futures. SEE i have the peoples interest at heart. Who is the signatory - the most powerful woman in Asia. She will have you guys begging for more and i have put all SIN monies & interest into her hands. Better vote correctly or it will be sign away in one stroke of the pen.. Hahaha.. you dont know to cry or to laugh.

Anonymous said...

When we diversify, others have a stake and will therefore have a say on us being seen by international community as responsible & friendly state for investments. Unlike when Clob was closed without regards, many got burned. Will investor get burned here? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

When prices are raised, it not the doing of your own master, it was decicion of the private enterprise. It can only be the company running the station. Can it be truely said that this spell the end of monopoly?

redbean said...

foreign investors will never be burnt here. we are up for sale, everything. they will soon own us.

there will be no monopoly, not monopoly of the govt kind. but there will be oligopoly or cartel, for sure. and it will be good for all of us.