Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Bus and train fares up on 1 October Posted: 12 September 2008 1032 hrs in CNA online SINGAPORE - Most bus and train journeys except those for children, students and national servicemen, will see fare changes from 1 October 2008. The Public Transport Council (PTC) has given the green light for an overall net fare adjustment that will result in fare changes that will range from a 7-cent reduction to a 4-cent increase per journey. Adult EZ-Link fares on buses and trains and the senior citizen concession EZ-Link fare, will see a flat increase of 4 cents per ride. However, this will be offset by the 15-cent increase in transfer rebate from the current 25 cents to 40 cents. Public transport operators have also decided that they will bear 10 cents out of the 15-cent increase in the transfer rebate. ... Anyone did not see this coming? Anyway the amounts are small and affordable. And please just accept the increases and don't ever complain. We would not want the suggestion to raise road tax for motorists to subsidise these increases do we? It is a good and useful suggestion no doubt and the input comes from the people. More acceptable to implement such a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

The increase is confirmed, but we are still waiting for the service improvement. I mean, not just only during F1, but throughout the year. No use showing the 'ang moh' and 'jit pun' what a marvellous transport system we have, by putting in more trips for the few days of F1. Singaporeans know how many hairs under the armpit lah!

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, this fare increase in public transportation is quite small compared to the ones we have here in UK. I guess it is OK.

redbean said...

hi guys,

good or bad, small increase or big increase, are all relative terms. we need to relook at the principles behind a national transport system. what is it for?

The transport system is like the arteries and veins in our body system. and people are the blood corpuscles. The freer the blood flow, the better will be the health. if we keep creating choke points or do not allow blood to flow smoothly and effortlessly, we will become sick.

i am against the profit motive of a national transport system. 6 or 7% of household income going to moving around, for work and social activities is not cheap. i will not travel to honglim park to listen to the talk because it is going to cost a lot of money. driving there is out of the question. not worth the money spent. taking the train will be a few dollars down.

who would want to spend this kind of money to go to honglim? even visiting relatives is expensive.

the best place is in front of the computer. cheaper that way.

the cost of public transport will drive up the cost of everything.