Power of The Old Media (TOM)

DAP leader Teresa Kok was arrested under the Malaysian ISA when Utusan Melayu published a report alleging that she was involved in an effort to prohibit Azan, the muslim call to attend prayer. This is despite the denials by the authorities of the respective mosques that she was involved. See how powerful the media can be. No one is questioning how the report came about or who wrote the report and the basis of the report. A Malaysian citizen, a politician, is now in detention for 28 days and can be extended, all because of a newspaper report. Don't under estimate the power of TOM.


Anonymous said...

This says alot about independence, competency and/or interferences. It also says alot about fair play in investigation and the professionalism in conduct.

My long held view that the police force in Malaysia are professional and highly trained take a beating for now. It's a mockery that natural justice was not meted out by authorites.

ISA is invoked to protect someone, the use of ISA becomes an abuse of power. The so-called element of harm was not addressed nor removed through such invoke of ISA. Which is a bigger threat to nation. The active role played in making such calls allow reader to see a clearer picture. Human nature can see the weakness and ultimately the people will judge the action appropriately.

redbean said...

what zaid ibrahim said hits the nail on it head. how could a journalist or a parliamentarian be a threat to national security?

the only weapon left in umno is the use of force, police force or other force, to threaten the people. and many of the bumi elite have seen through this farce and are not buying it anymore.

Anonymous said...

DAP has always been an anti-Malay, anti-Islam party. This is not the first time a DAP MP has been at the forefront of a campaign to ban the call to prayer. in 2005, former DAp MP Tan Seng Giaw was behind a similar stunt. The cal to prayer is sacroanct among Muslims. The DAP is playing with fire.

redbean said...

the case here is more like fabrication and black operations where someone wrote something to accuse someone of a crime. and without further checking, the accused is being arrested and jailed.

and the people who were supposed to be victims of the crime stood up to say that the accused was innocent but the authority does not want to listen.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in my mind the accusation is true. DAP has a history of anti-Malay and anti-Islam behaviour. If you want respect, you need to show some first. May Teresa Kok rot in jail.

redbean said...

may 13 1969 was a watershed in malaysian history. communalism took a different form before and after that fateful day.

the non malays were pushing their luck too far then. but after that day, they have come to accept their position in malaysia and no longer will they question the special position of the malays. any non malay political party that is anti malay or anti islam will be doomed.

dap is no exception. it is not simply i believe or you believe. you need to look at the facts. the mosque involved in this case, and the mufti came out openly to defend teresa kok. those are facts. not beliefs. and the govt could not produce any facts to prove otherwise. that is why it is using the isa. no need to prove anything.

the mufti and the mosques official will be branded as traitors if teresa kok really attacked azan.