Positive impact of fare hike

Fare hike is not going to bring about better quality of service except better hardware if the revenue is reinvested. But there can be positive impacts with higher fare. As fare goes up, some will definitely feel the pinch and will avoid taking public transport if possible. Walk or cycle or not travelling at all. This will cut down on usage and free up some space in the trains and buses. The foreign workers will be the first to feel the pinch. They will be the first to stay away from MRT. Unfortunately transportation is necessary and many cannot but must travel. These groups will have no choice but keep on paying. Actually, if not for these poor buggers whose pocket is already burnt with a big hole, I would like to see transport fare to double so that the trains and buses will be more empty and more comfortable. But again this is only a fleeting dream. When usage is lower, the transport companies will just cut down on the number of trains or buses to keep them full and packed. The commuters cannot win in this game. They will always have to put up with packed trains and buses. That is the only way to reflect that we are like Tokyo or some big cities. A visual affirmation of progress and high social and economic activities.


Mockingbird said...

Bangladeshi workers get sent to & from work on lorries.

redbean said...

most of the time. but when they are out for leisure, many will have to take public transport. and foreign workers are not only bangladeshi. there are chinese, indians, thais, indonesians, myanmese etc