The pathetic being of politicians

The politicians are the leaders of the people. The honourable and righteous role model to be respected by the people. And rightly so, they shall not be objects of ridicules. They have big missions and noble roles to play in any society. And when they play their roles well, they will be held in high esteem, to be remembered in perpetuity in the history books. Why is it that politicians can become pathetic and lose the respect of the people? How could they land in a situation when they become a mockery or jokes in private parties? They will if they allow personal or non national interests to rule their thinking and policies. A good case is the arrest of journalists and parliamentarians in Malaysia. When they could not find any good reasons to arrest the opposition or critics, they threw the ISA at them. And what have these people done to be arrested? And the most ridiculous of all is for the Home Minister to turn around and said the arrest was to protect the journalist from harm. And Anwar Ibrahim is now pronounced as a threat to national security. This means that he can be arrested under ISA. For what? For having the majority of MPs to qualify to form the govt and replace the current govt? It is so easy to call anyone names or hang a security threat placard on anyone's neck and put that person in prison. A dog is a fish. Yes, a fish got two eyes. A dog also got two eyes. A fish got a tail, a dog too got a tail. You still don't believe that at dog is a fish? A fish can swim. Yes a dog can swim too. So a dog must be a fish. This kind of cock talk can only come from arrogant politicians. When politicians speak in this kind of logic, they deserve to be put into a gossip corner. People may politely smile at their cock explanations, but there is no running away that they have made a fool of themselves in the eyes of the people. And when that happens, all respectability, honour, moral authority etc is gone. Habis. That is how pathetic politicians can be when they take a wrong stand for the wrong reason.


Mockingbird said...

When politicians become unpopular and are in danger of being ousted, they would go to great lengths to prevent themselves from getting ousted, including making themselves the subject of ridicule. i think Japanese politicians are among the most honorable. The moment the people want them to step down, they would do so without any fuss.

Anonymous said...

We live in an imperfect world which is less obedient. Somewhat our Singaporean's thinking tend towards the obedient side. We tend to compartment righteousness & expecting same standards compliances by other countries. But their context is different. There is not respect for rule of LAw in other countries and dont expect it.

Politics is through the barrel of the gun (example USA bombed Iraq versus Al-Queda planes crashing into WTCs). The fire from the barrel is to ensure survival and wipe out opponent (example lawsuit to make bankrupt..) Politic or politicians can make a wrong looks right and a right looks wrong - deceptions & misinterpretations

Your thoughts on righteousness and respectability belongs to the obedient school. Possibly set in education system of Singapore.

The world is not so perfect neither is it as obedient. Politic is like jungle warfare ie getting your opponent down with preemptive strikes or we will buy him over.

What so pathetic...assume if we take the morality factor out.

Benezir Butto was shot dead;Henry Kissinger's Vietnam Wars; Catholic priest's arrest ; opposition are made to exile (Thaksin & guess); How many more had died.

The use of ISA and their running dogs (dogs are trained by their master to pouch on instructions in the name of duty to the security of nation. They are not trained to question their Master- Example the use of bombs to kill. These are trained security officers. Trained to? Protect? or Take Instructions?

This is not a problem exclusive to Malaysia. Other countries could have done worse.

I am against the USE of ISA for such political end. When the stakes are so high & the situations are so shaky - time to moralise is set aside. It about winning not about righteous-ness.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has such high hopes when Badawi took over.....

redbean said...

politics without morality is like gangster land. morality is the only thin wedge that separates a morally virtuous govt from a rogue govt.

the rogue politicians may behave like gangsters. the reality also says that politicians practised devious things for their own vested interests.

but we must at all time say it clearly, without exception, that immoral conduct is unacceptable. if we don't, we are only to blame ourselves when we become victims of gangsterism.

when politicians step out of line, we must say so, and not let him continue to do so thinking that he can do so. the release of the journalist and the DAP MP Teresa Kok is a case in point. the malaysians screamed their heads off on the abuse of ISA on them and on Petra Kamaruddin. if the malaysians have just kept quiet, the abusers would have had their ways.

no, the imperfection of this world does not mean that politicians can be immoral or can talk cock and get away with it. even if they do get away, it is only when the power is still with him. when he loses power, justice will come a calling.

Anonymous said...

What has Badawi done in all the time he is office?

Foreign policy?

redbean said...

i got to ask him. but he came out as quite a decent man and allows democracy to flourish and the people's voice to be heard.

he also does not allow the ultras to spill blood on the streets.