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A passionate plea by feedmetothefish

'Even though a commoner heartlander, I believe that I have as much right as the next guy (elite) to voice my concerns. As much as I've been talked down, insulted and idiotised by the "gracious" government, I'm as Singaporean as the Lee's, Goh or Khaw! The only difference is I'm much poorer and don't have a voice in parliament. As much as my friends and loved ones are fearful of me being "fixed' and done in by my politically incorrect blog, I still do so because I believe that "Sedikit sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit!" If enough people speak up or blog, the power will be forced to step out of their ivory tower to do some decent work, like knowing that there are poor and homeless beggars in Singapore, and actually helping them. Yes, there's fear in speaking out. I'm sure they have the machinery to track me down and sift me out even I'm blogging anonymously. But if we continue to accept their chutzpah and high handedness without a whimper, we are doing more harm than good to our country and ourselves. As long as there are people to remind the rulers that life for the masses is different from the elite, we are doing something right. At the risks of being charged for defamation, sodomy and what have you, I think if we do nothing, we deserve the crap that's dished out. In fact, ministers should be happy that feedback from some bloggers helps them do their job better. If I'm as audacious as they are, I'd say part of the million $,$$$,$$$ salary (paid to ministers) should go to the bloggers for their contribution (time & effort in writing blogs for free) in building an "inclusive society" that can "stay and move ahead together". Yes, the feedback and comments worth much! feedmetothefish' I extracted the above post from The Otak Stall. Bravo feedmetothefish! All bloggers must have this kind of spirit. Keep blogging. If more people blog about an issue, someone will here about it. The more people talk about an issue, the more weight it will carry.


sgnewsalt said...

The blog entry is here:
Feed Me To The Fish

redbean said...

thanks sgnewsalt.

welcome to the blog.

what was startling is the revelation that all news reports are not factual. or are they?

sgnewsalt said...

This is another dent to Khaw's credibility after his infamous U-turn on Mean Testing and Sale of Human Organs, as well his handling of the NKF fiasco. Khaw is complacent and careless this time round for not checking with his ministry before saying that ST report is not factual.

redbean said...

i am now confused. who is telling the tooth?

Anonymous said...

Yes, who is lying? Someone's credibility is at stake.

Anonymous said...

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