The Otak Stall is closed

The Otak Stall is a new site in Delphiforum set up by Otak69 after Sammboy Coffeeshop was disbanded. It has been in existence for a few weeks and has to be closed down due to mysterious circumstances. This is what Otak69 posted in Singapore Kopitiam on his reasons to close it down. 'I've received a threat, possibly from ISD (or an impersonator), to face a lawsuit unless I close this forum before 2359 tonight. The person claims to know my I.P. address and had correctly named my ISP host, amongst many other details. I hope fellow bros will understand that this is a tough call for me to make to close this forum prematurely even though I do wish I didnt have to. I will risk facing a lawsuit if his claim is true. Bros may proceed to the other ficklebug's forum. Do get organised there ASAP. Otherwise, you can be sure that the same fellas will be trying very hard to disrupt your efforts there. I wish you all best of luck. http://forums.delphiforums.com/3in1kopitiam/ Note : I've made up my mind to kill off this nick, otak69. It will perish with the closure of this forum. It will never arise again and all subsequent iterations of this nick are clones. Do not respond to them or be lead by them if they try to impersonate me. I had a lot of fun with you fellas. Will miss you. otak69, signing off from The Otak Stall. 10/9/08' There have been many accusations and cross accusations by the forumers in The Otak Stall on their backgrounds and who they really are behind the nicks. We don't really know what is the truth and the details of any conspiracy if any. What is important for all bloggers is to use the internet as a tool for communications and stay away from crimes or dubious activities. We stand by what we post.


Temp said...

It is a pity that Otak Stall was closed abruptly.

We at Singapore Kopitiam are carrying the baton forward. Netizens may join us in discussion and debate to shape the public opinions at Singapore Kopitiam:

redbean said...

thanks temp,

you are welcomed.

keep the forum going.