One crime too many

It is time to justify the presence of foreign workers in our midst. Yes, fewer of them were arrested on a per 100,000 number count. So they are safer than Singaporeans. There were 435 Singaporeans per 100,000 as to 286 foreigners arrested. Statistically speaking, foreigners are safer and we should actually replace Singaporeans with foreigners and our crime rate will be lower. Wait a minute. We are talking about number of criminals arrested. How many crimes were still not solved and were committed by foreigners? Can we have an absolute figure on the number of crimes committed by foreigners and the nature of such crimes? The reports in the main media gave the impression that crimes by foreigners, given their numbers, are tolerable and acceptable. And many Singaporeans also think so. Anyone ask the victims and their families of such crimes whether they are acceptable or not? The Serangoon Garden residents obviously think not. One crime committed is one crime too many. One serious and vicious crime committed means many people will suffer for it. Somehow I got the impression that Singaporeans are comfortable with crimes and they do not mind being victims of crimes. Or is it that they think the crimes will not happen to them?


Anonymous said...

5 murderers on the loose is less significant than 50 petty thieves?

redbean said...

yep, numbers don't lie. 5 is smaller than 50.

Georgies said...

Number di not give a complete picture. To have get a better view of it, the figure need to be to broken down to the type of crime, age of crimal etc. I assumed most guest workers are in the age range from 18 omward.

redbean said...

hi georgie, your points are relevant. numbers are just numbers and more details are needed to know the real picture,

by the way, the structure of a blog does not help to pop up an article to the top when there is a new entry. so it may get lost over time and other bloggers may not follow up with the new postings.