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The official definition of what is political

What is political and what is not political were clearly spelt out by Ho Peng Kee in Parliament. He also explained what can cause people to debate with politicians in public events and cause security concerns and what cannot. The definitions were the most explicit that one can get and I don't think any political scientist or lawyer will be able to dispute it. The gem was not about what he said. I didn't pay any attention to them. What was impressionable was the seriousness in the way Ho Peng Keng explained his position. His face muscles were all taut and tense. And I think Parliament must be very silent with all the Parliamentarians listening intensely to what he had to say. He passed with flying colours for his no nonsense approach to an issue that is becoming a talking point in every gossip corner. It was a very brave delivery. The best gem was a little clip in the news that I caught a glimpse of. It was on Sylvia Lim listening to Ho Peng Kee's discourse on what is political and what is not. You should see the smile on her face. It was all lighten up. That was the most exquisite smile that I have ever seen. And it told so many things without her saying a single word. It would be good if the full clip can be made available in Youtube. I will call it the smile that says everything.


Anonymous said...

I think Sylvia Lim was amused with the explanation, not so much with the rationality of the reasoning. It doesn't make any sense, just crap.

Mockingbird said...

Yup. Sylvia Lim was probably more amused than anything else over Ho Peng Kee's explanation on what's political and what's not.

Maybe she was thinking, "I don't need you to tell me all that."

redbean said...

she is just being polite.

Anonymous said...

Ho is prone to such issues.
He shouldn't be the one replying.

Anonymous said...

Professor Ho should write a book. His ideas and reasons are so radical and transforming that the whole world should be educated and learnt about this ! Singapore have a potential Nobel Prize winner at hand. The first in Singapore !

That is why the whole world should follow Singapore's footstep by paying each asshole $4 millions per year. This will guarantee a nomination in Nobel Prize at least.

redbean said...

this is the most sensible thing i have heard so far.

Elfred said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's quite tough, not to call a spade a spade.

He is just digging a deeper hole, if you ask me.



Anonymous said...

"He is just digging a deeper hole, if you ask me."

digging a deeper hole for his own grave ? Don't worry, my urine will reach him.