More hugging and embracing may do the trick

MP Lim Wee Kiak, who sits on the Government Parliamentary Committee for National Development and Environment, suggested that employers work with grassroots leaders to organise dorm visits for residents, to foster mutual understanding. Quoted from TodayOnline. This is a good suggestion. We should organise more social activities, visit the foreign workers more, have more parties with them to get to know them better. Then they will understand the locals and the locals will understand them. And with such understanding, they can live happily together. Problem solved.


Mockingbird said...

i think among us, racists probably outnumber non-racists.

Anonymous said...

So simple? Why didn't they think of that earlier? I think Dr. Chee should visit the Istana and give, erh, his mortal enemy a hug. No more quarrels. No fear of being sent to IMH.

redbean said...

do you think they would want the foreign workers around in a black tie party?