More chilling revelations in paradise

A few years back a stockbroker was found to turn cuckoo for harassing the former Chief Justice. He was then sent to the IMH for observation and recuperation. Wonder if he is still there? Today the ST reported that a lawyer, M Ravi, who claimed to be a leading Human Rights lawyer, was also found to have unsound mind. He was also sent to the IMH. The new bill to scan lawyers for unsound mind is very timely. It must be the stress in this world class city. Too competitive. And more professional people are going to go cuckoo at the rate it is going. Quite a chilling thought. Who's next? I think the most sane people will be the bloggers. They are blessed with the internet to let off steam and frustration. They will be the last to go cuckoo. The internet is a great invention for stress relief and keeping one's mind sane. Better not to keep harping on one being sane. The more one claims to be sane, the more insane one will sound.


Anonymous said...

saness people are the most craziest people that include me. If you haven't been to Imh then You not cool wrt those born with the affliction.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, probably Dr. Chee will eventually be forced to follow in M. Ravi's footstep. Hey, they could make IMH their political headquarters. A lot of cuckoo lawyers may be there for the choosing in years to come.