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Let it be other people's problem

See, I don't live in Serangoon Garden. Should I just support the plan and let the foreign workers be housed in that school and the problems stay there? This island is just too small and running out of space. Not there must be somewhere else. Maybe they will house them next to my estate. Ok, I support the location of the foreign workers in Serangoon Garden. Another way of solving the problems of foreign workers is to engage them. Embrace them as your long lost brothers. Organise welcoming parties for them. Invite them to have dinner with your family. Recruit them to patrol and guard the estate. The problem becomes the solution. The people the residents fear become the people to help the residents. What an ingenious strategy. Turning adversity into an advantage. PS. Don't pray pray with unknown elements. My mother told me not to talk to strangers. Old mother's tale.


Mockingbird said...

You can talk to the Bangladeshi workers if you know how to speak their language.

Speedwing said...

I cannot understand all the fuss. You want them come to your country to do the dirty work Singaporeans are too proud to perform. When it comes to housing them near yur home, you object. Where is the logic?

Anonymous said...

Speedwing, thanks can i send 500 workers near you give there are few singaporean like you these days... most understand how to be compassionate but just dont do it at my doorsteps...

In case some have not noticed yet, big FW housing right in heart of cemetry @ Jln Bahar - right smack in middle of cemetry . Next finishing soon Mandai Estate ...

URA are good planners - you mean this time they are blind? dont think so - URA can certainly find vacant plot and tranform it overnight

Or are Serangoon folks subject to a TEST.

redbean said...

yes, the logic is simple. selfishness. but nothing wrong with that. people aspire to a better life, better living condition and neighbourhood. they are willing to pay for it.

if the fws are fts with families, i think the reception will be different.

the fear is not unjustified. 1000 or 1500 fws. if 1 or 2 commits sexual crimes, one or two families got their daughters or wives sexually assaulted and battered. can we accept such consequences? how many is tolerable or acceptable?

no doubt 90 or 99% of the fws are decent workers earning a living here. the residents there have their own interests to protect too. can we tell them to accept a 1% risk and 1% collateral damage as the price to pay for the good works of the fws?