Leave it to the supertalents

If you really want to find the best supertalents, go to the US, and New York in particular. There you will have the best legal minds and the best financial minds working hand in hand to make the most money for each other. They were the experts that literally control the financial systems of the US and the world. The US and the world are at their mercy. And they pay themselves in the billions annually. That is how good they are. They are all in big deals and mega deals. S$600k is really peanuts to these supertalents. And look at what they have done? Yes, the world's most serious financial crisis can only be made by the supertalents. We are talking about trillions of dollars in jeopardy, maybe the collapse of the world financial system. The US govt's rescue package of US$700 bn could just scratch the surface of this problem. We have not seen anything yet. This is the consequence of leaving your future in the hands of the supertalents. Locally, we have our ah peks and ah mahs seeing their money disappeard in the hands of our talents. Money invested in sophisticated bonds and notes recommended by the experts. What is the moral of the story?

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