The joy of keeping pets

It is a big industry out there for pet lovers. Dogs, cats, birds, fishes, and whatever, are treasured by pet lovers who willingly part their hard earned money just to have them. Having them is only the beginning. Then comes the joy of raising them, feeding them, caring for them, looking after their health, their grooming and fetching them to the doctors. Some will bring them out to play, to restaurants for that special meals. It is a great experience to love and care for the pets. If only the pets can be children, lively, jumping, screaming precocious little ones. Now, would these children bring an equal amount of joy and laughter to the lives of the owners? If we can make Singaporeans love children more than pets, we may not have lack of babies problem.


Anonymous said...

we love to feed the four legged friends than two.

redbean said...

maybe pet shops will do better business if they put up babies as pets for sale.