JBJ - The most enduring fighter

Yes, JBJ passed away finally. He fought a good fight. May he rest in peace. He is the most enduring fighter in the Singapore political scene. His political career stretched as long as those of LKY. And he fought LKY all the years, in elections, in Parliament and on the streets. Parliament will miss him. There is always the possibility of him returning to Parliament after he set up his new party to contest for election again. Now he is gone. Amen.


Anonymous said...

JB Jeyaretnam was a freedom fighter who seeked justice for the people.

Redbean; the People will remember him, but Parliament, make up almost entirely of PAP Members, is unlikely to like Him(JBJ) in the

You don't mind slight difference in opinion, right?


redbean said...

no problem patriot.

he deserves our admiration for pursuing a dream to the end. he deserves our sympathy for losing everything.

it is a very cruel game.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I never agreed with most of what JBJ had to say.

But having personally met him on a few occasions, he was a true gentleman and a wonderful human being.

Having a different opinion — whether anyone else agrees or not — is important in any society. No one individual or group of individuals has a monopoly on opinion or ideas. It is important to remind those in power of this fact, frequently to keep them in line.

JBJ did that. And he did it at great personal sacrifice. Singapore is better off for it, and he leaves a legacy which posits fundamental questions — questions which S'poreans will have to address sooner or later.

You're a good bloke JBJ! Job well-done!

redbean said...

one day someone will write a different story on the side of the opposition parties and political leaders like jbj.

kojakbt said...

The opposition has lost a determined fighter. My condolence and sympathy…. However, I’m sure JBJ in heaven would not want us to stop fighting the PAP. Let’s continue JBJ’s fight to stop the dominance of 1-party politics in Singapore. Let’s strive to bring true democracy to Singapore by encouraging Singaporeans to vote for pluralism in our politics. Feel free to join me to continue the fight at http://forums.delphiforums.com/3in1kopitiam/messages

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey folks, look... it's an asshole! By that I mean the kind of despicable cum-stain who would use the passing of a great human being — and his achievements, no less — to bolster an already inflated opinion.

Our protagonist continues: as if his "rebel yell" makes him JBJ's shining scion, now 'in-charge' of a battalion. quote: "fight to stop the dominance of 1-party politics"

Such nerve ;)

redbean said...

jbj can become a shining light or a rallying point to champion a cause.

in death, he fights on.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> in death, he fights on.

What? Has someone resurrected him?

Don't be ridiculous. When someone is dead, he's history.

It's a scientific fact that no corpse can "fight" in the living world... unless of course you're suggesting JBJ has turned into a zombie and is on a rampage ala "Night Of The Living Dead".

Anonymous said...

If there is wiseman who can rise from his grave. There is definitely good chances of the livings inheriting the spirits of the demised.

And though the father may not be ideal in himself, he never will cease to hope to have good children. When one is a child, the greatest wish will be he/she is in the cares of the most loving father/mother, it is so natural!


Matilah_Singapura said...


> he never will cease to hope to have good children. <

Hope, what a stunning concept!

Firstly, he hopes for a fuck, and once he gets it, he hopes for good off spring.

I hope I win the lottery!