Increase fare for better services

Did I hear silly Singaporeans saying that they don't mind fare increases if the service is better? How many years of fare increases have we been through? Ten times, twenty times? Has the service improved by ten times or twenty times? If this kind of justification is true, we will be riding on golden trains with hostesses serving drinks by now, or akan datang. We have been seeing increases in fares, in fees, in minister salaries, should we be seeing increases in the quality of services and productivity from them. Do we see the improvements commensurate with the increases? Silly Singaporeans should stop using this excuse to let service providers keep increasing fares and fees. The quality of services are not determined by the amount of increases. There is no direct relationship except to buy hardwares. You can pay more and get 'worstest' services.


Anonymous said...

Better from the perspective of the operators, I guess.

All the silly things they put on outside and inside the buses just to show that we are hip and ahead of other countries' transport system. Does that benefit commuters?

The now defunct telephones in buses idea was a failure. Mobile TV on buses is another facing coming-soon extinction. Now signboards at bus-stops telling the arrival time of buses will be another failure. Why? Because it only tells you when your bus will arrive. It does not make your bus arrive any earlier. Commuters want more frequent and shorter waiting time, nothing else. They depend solely on buses for moving around.

redbean said...

the bus stop signboards for telling times can be modified to show tv programmes. provide some seats and bus commuters can wait and watch tv at the same time. i think this may work.

those living near the bus stops can watch tv programmes from the bus stops and save on electricity bills.

Anonymous said...

So the fares increases are to maintain our image as a well developed country, more than anything. The commuters have to foot the bill.

Seemed the earlier design of the lifts in the HDB have not considered and were not friendly to the aged. We are now paying for the upgrading works.

So is that really true if you want something, you must pay for it cos there is no free lunch?

With the increase in fares, one would expect the bus services to be more regular instead of more packed, less frequent, more frills and fancy services.

Anonymous said...

aiya, typical singaporean will response by saying everything nice in front of the camera/microphone, but will kpkb together when the coast is clear.

Anonymous said...

Silly Singaporeans giving silly feedback to the government. They deserved to be screwed by the transport operators. Such comments makes everything look nice and proper to the government to allow for fare increases. In the end the correct picture never see the light of day and the blind merrily leads the blind until eternity.

redbean said...

actually anonymous got a point. they do whatever they want. then the people give some feedback. they implemented your feedback. you happy, they happy. no more problems. fare still increase.

you can't blame them for not listening to your feedback. you forgot about the real problem which is fare increase.

Mockingbird said...

Our public transport services are not the best in the world but neither are they the worst.

Sinkies have no choice but to bite the bullet each time the transport operators raise their fares.