Hey you're mad. No, you are.

Would such a statement be sufficient ground to suspect that someone is mad? Would someone heard cursing and swearing at a religious ceremony in the neighbourhood be arrested for disturbance? The law of a state is to protect the people from being harmed. If someone beats you, you are to take up a lawsuit yourself against that person. It is a private matter. If someone disturbs a wedding procession, is it a private matter? How serious would a disturbance be good enough for one to be arrested and sent to psychiatric checkup to determine his sanity? And if the psychiatrists could not find anything after two or three weeks, can the psychiatrists demand that one shall continue to be detained for further observation? How long would such observations become unacceptable? Shall I warn all those bloggers calling people stupid, mad, irrational, fools etc not to do so for their own good? Will such libellious remarks be a problem between the parties involved or can one party insist the other party be sent for psychiatric observation? Freedom of expression or anonymity in the internet has led some bloggers to go shooting from their hips. Some even fabricate stories and half truths. Would they end up under the microscope of the psychiatrists? Oh, the heading of this post is just an illustration only. I am not calling anyone mad.

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Anonymous said...

Nobody is biting this title. I must be mad. What is normal? Normal is to comform to society, the way majority behave, then I am abnormal. I would rather be eccentric or an odd-ball.

Today we live in a world of paranoia.

Many of us couldn't differanciate what is private and public or black and white(truth/tooth) or a muslim from a terrorist or a singh from turban wearing muslim.

Where do we stop?? (Polical correctness aside)

Netizen Vigilante:


Comparing apples and oranges !!
Its a MAD MAD World
Bekind and gracious