Foreign workers due to poor planning

Mr Mah, meanwhile, admitted to possibly “poor planning” on the authorities’ part when it came to accommodating foreign workers. . “We plan for a certain level of increase (in the influx) but we never expected the demand to go up so high,” he said. In 2006, the increase in foreign workers numbers was 55,000, compared to 102,000 last year. . So is Singapore planning adequately, going forward? “If we get more people to accept the trade-offs, I am confident we can meet demand,” said Mr Mah....Quoted from TodayOnline Lin Yanqin yanqin@mediacorp.com.sg Oh, can we accept poor planning as an excuse?


Anonymous said...

The excuse now is that they did have a 'plan', but due to 'poor planning' the 'plan' did not anticipate the 'plan' to increase the number of foreign workers.

Well, who allowed the increase in the number of foreign workers in the first place?

Mockingbird said...

becos they decided to build IRs and so a lot more FTs are needed to come in and work as construction workers.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays we call construction workers FT or 'foreign talents'. In the not so good old days we called them 'manual labourers'.

I think someone did a very good job of 'job repackaging' to come up with this change. And most Singaporeans were never the wiser about the difference.

redbean said...

no lah, construction workers are still called foreign workers. foreign talents are those with a degree or diplomas, including fake ones or those bought off the shelves if not discovered.