Ferrari no match for Mercedes

A Ferrari Spyder was chased by a Mercedes C Class and went out of control, crashed. Driver robbed and beaten up in daylight robbery in the NS highway. Talking about lawlessness. And the robbers attempted twice to rob the group of Ferrari convoy and only third time lucky on the single Ferrari. Funny, didn't these rich drivers own any handphones to pass the message to all the drivers in the convoy? Or they panicked and did not know what to do? What they were only too concerned for their own safety and the safety of the rest of the drivers was not their concern? As a warning to all Singaporeans driving up, the robbers are not only more daring, they are able to do whatever they want, like the wild wild west. These robbers are obviously targetting Singaporeans and waiting for them. And there must be many of them operating in such manners. And they could get out of the highway so easily. That speaks a lot about the intricate organisation of these robbers. Some kind of immunity definitely.


Mockingbird said...

Even if these robbers were to get caught by police, if they happen to be the kids of some rich businessmen or politicians, chances are, they would get away with all this daylight robbery.

Mahathir used to deride Singapore as being so pathetically small to the extent if we were to drive a Ferrari, we would fall off into the sea by the time we engage the car's 4th gear. Looks like the rich buggers in Singapore have to be very wary about taking their expensive prized exotic sports cars up to MatLand for a spin from now onwards.

Either that or they should arm themselves to the teeth for their own protection and safety.

These daring robbers ought to be blasted off the roads with preferably a bazooka.

redbean said...

with the picture of the mercedes in the paper, and one of the backview of the robbers, there is no way that they can't be traced. just round up all the mercedes c class or look at the car registration. there would not be too many owners of such cars in malaysia.

the way they went about attacking singaporeans tells a story.

Anonymous said...

'The way they went about attacking Singaporeans tells a story'

We better accept that up there they do not like Singaporeans, except maybe those business in JB depending on Singaporeans. On some of their blogs you really get the feeling that they have deep resentments for Singaporeans. Full of hatred. I quess it is the same both ways.

Anonymous said...

First i condemned the day-light robbery. Is this convey part of the publicity blizz and built up to our F1?

Point here is - Ferrari goes bom-bom while PAP masters says our country to go green and score green marks for non carbon emission. A hipocractic turn to a sound green policy.

Wind is free. Power will be met by its own adversary.

This F1 build-up at race tracks for 2 days of bom-bom power & fun is a state gone mad. Those monies spent can put alot more of our poorer students through scholarships at top universties.

What shrwedness trift and accountabilities?

F1 where power rules.. can we see a difference or similarity to pagantry Roman worship of power in the arena except Daniel & roaring tigers are replaced with screaming gluzzlers Kill ..Kill... Kill... was in the arena those days. Tomorrow bom bom bum bom..

The Roman Empire and its excesses....

Wind is given by God.. and it is free - use it. In the end, all will end in vanities.. after the bom-bom dies down. FW dismantled the built-up and more public monies will be spent to put everything dismantled back - sheer waste of public monies.

redbean said...

the daylight robbery shows that the robbers are confident that the law will be on their side for sure. who else would be so confident to chase motorists in the highway where the police can simply cut them off, like a trap?

but of course they simply disappeared into thin air.

back to singapore, bring me my wine. time for celebration and the good times. we need more buzz, so the fts demanded. and more buzz shall there be. and why not having gladiators fighting to death with lions? the romans have done it. so there is precedent. let's do it and create more entertainment. as long as it is entertainment that the fts want, we will give it to them.