Changed Singapore Dream: Fleeing The City of Possibilities

This is the heading of an article posted at TOC today. I read the 17 comments following this article and form the impression that we are losing the people. The comments were expressed by 17 vocal forumers. And their sentiments are probably felt by many Singaporeans. Why are we losing the people in the midst of such great material wealth? Why is this losing touch with the people, being felt by so many, but totally ignored by those at the top who still think that everything is ok? Which is the real illusion? At the rate that it is going, our NSmen may not do what they are expected when called to do. The heart is sore and no longing there. Who says only rulers got no heart? The people at the bottom are also losing hearts. And we are plodding along happily in delirium.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Many first world countries are increasing their immigration quotas especially for skilled immigrants. They've realised (finally) that one of the keys to sustainable wealth creation is a relatively "open borders" policy, and implementing policies to attract and keep (long term) potentially productive immigrants: they emigrate, they work or start businesses, they have families, educate their kids (who generally do better than their parents), and then you have sustainable growth.

Many western govts have realised that there is a price to pay for any govt policy. If you don't have open borders, a "biased" (read "white") immigration policy, a welfare state (social and corporate welfare), then this is not sustainable. Eventually you'll reach a point where businesses become uncompetitive and the population starts to age. I say again: there is PRICE to pay for exclusivity. i.e. In the market, the more "exclusive" you want to be, the higher the premium you pay. To take an extreme case: suppose you want a flying underwater car — a highly 'exclusive' good (in the sense that not too many people will have such a good). You will have to pay a premium i.e. high(er) price to get such a good since this good is not mass-produced. It will have to be custom made, if in the first instance it is possible.

People respond to incentives — both 'positive' and 'negative'

People are always evaluating their futures — either immediate future or further down the time-line. They respond to stimuli in their environment and evaluate the impact it has on their lives, in the present and in the future.

When other nations attracting human capital, that is likely to stimulate the minds of capable individuals to see if they can 'maximise' some kind of 'gain' or 'minimise' some kind of 'discomfort'.

Back to the increase in emigration: first a few people do it. When news gets back home that these folks are doing alright in their new countries, more people are apt to consider the possibilities of leaving their Mother Country — usually because The State becomes an intolerable burden on their lives.

Look at history: immigrants from Ireland (fucked over and impoverished by British occupation), Italy (feudalism), Jews (state sanctioned antisemitism), China (feudalism and communism), Vietnam (war) etc. ALL (without exception) these examples rest on the fact that The State (their own or an enemy state) has become a tyrannical monster and in many cases potentially LETHAL.

And so, the Singapore story continues, and her Diaspora grows rapidly.

Anonymous said...


I would rather wish that our NS Men and in fact even the Regulars will not take certain orders.

Frankly, I do not expect our soldiers to fight any war.

SOMEONE HAD EXPLICITLY SAID THE MILITARY WILL BE DEPLOYED IF THERE IS A 'FREAK' ELECTION RESULT IN SINGAPORE, whatever that means. And this may be the only action our military will be ever involved.

Of course, I wish that our military and police will not be that dumb.


redbean said...

hi patriot,

for many reasons, the soldiers and police everywhere will behave like what we are seeing in malaysia.

they see no wrong, hear no wrong and know no wrong. their job is to execute, blindly at times.

how could a police chief gave a black eye to a dep PM on drum up charges? how could journalists and politicians be arrested and released for spurious reasons?

ask the police! for that matter, why would honourable people want to accept the role of being insurgents?

Anonymous said...


we do hope that our military and police are more sensible, specifically when Oppositions win election legally despite unjust schemes and ploys.

To some extent, I do believe that our armed forces and police personnels are victims of the System themselves and they too are very weary of it.

Do hope my understandings are not not too far off. Do share your views.


redbean said...

when people are too comfortable, there is no need to rock the boat.

being too principled, too upright, can be disastrous. people make choices. smart people make smart choices.

but when the situation warrants it, people will take sides.

Anonymous said...


I find citizens' descriptions of Singapore Governance to that of a nanny state run in a paternalistic system highly inacurate and inappropriate. It is not congrous to fact checks.

Should it be accepted that the Government indeed acts liked parents to their citizens, then I think we have a drunkard father and a vain mother. Possibly or likely, the father is also a great gambler.

They must be step parents that never care and feel for their step children. They like others' children more than their step children.

In fact, our leaders indeed took over us from a former ruler, so they step on us like step parents. No wonder we are treated like shits.


Anonymous said...

Dear Reader;

my apology for a spelling mistake in the Word 'congrous', it should be 'congruous'.


redbean said...

hi patriot, it is a matter of perception, the people may think that the govt is treating them like step sons, unfortunately many are feeling this way, the govt on the other hand is thinking that they are treating the people extremely well and with a big dose of tender loving care.