Blessed are the corrupt?

This is the heading of an article by Maria Siow, Media Corp's bureau chief in China. She was commenting about the anti corruption process going on in China and how corrupt officials were allowed to return to hold positions of responsibility. She has not been back in Singapore for too long. We have this Yellow Ribbon Campaign and reformed criminals are welcomed back to lead a normal life. Some, the more talented, are still praised in the media and given high paying jobs. She should not be grumbling and thinking that the Chinese are doing the wrong thing. People made mistakes. Give them a second chance, especially the talented ones. Perhaps the Chinese are learning from us and are becoming more sympathetic and compassionate, and forgiving, like us.

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Anonymous said...

'and are becoming more sympathetic and compassionate and forgiving like us'.

Ha ha, one more plate of 'mee siam ai hum', plenty of hum.