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Bail out plan rejected

The Americans rejected their leaders. That is what it amounted to. And Dow Jones plunged 777 pts. The years of lawlessness, abuse of power, greed, corruption and lack of control over the recklessness of the Bush govt and the greedy men in Wall Street finally caught up. The Americans are not going to be led by these greedy and irresponsible men. Any lesson to learn? Don't forget that we are a small copy of corporate America.


Anonymous said...

yes, gop rejected their own gop commander in chief. can we? jbj rip

Anonymous said...


But the Fed just pumped 630 billion into the system - you wonder why they bothered doing this Congress thing.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they have also been trying to prop up the stock market as well, through their Plunge Protection Team. They are basically clutching at straws now, not that the $700bn is going to make a difference.

redbean said...

they are now arm twisting the arabs to pump money to help save their institutions.

Anonymous said...

Greed is the Culprit.

There will be no problem in SIN, it is kept clinically clean by our PURE LEADERS!


redbean said...

hmmm, i will like to believe that we are safe. don't forget, our business and financial model is american. what the americans did, we are doing in smaller scale that's all.