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As we grow older...

As the population grows older and less nimble with age, many things becomes frightening. The old, ing experience for them to walk alone in the presence of young and strong foreign workers and their wild stares. You do not know what is going on inside their heads. We are growing older for sure. And we have a few hundred strong and hungry young men in our midst. It is a great recipe for more tension and crimes if we are not careful. We must find a way to deal with this dilemma. We want them or need them, but we fear them. For they can create a lot of potential problems for us. Singaporeans must not be complacent in their thoughts. We are going to become a minority in a sea of foreigners and security and safety will become a bigger issue to face on a daily basis. It is not just 1000 foreign workers in Serangoon Garden. The clusters living next door or a few doors away, or in the nearby construction sites can be equally dangerous.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the red man to turn green and the foreign Indian worker "bo chap" and cross the road without a damn. He walk with a sense of bravado. Inside his head he must be thinking " why you SIN are so stupid". I cant imagine while we teach our children to to obey traffic rules, foreign workers here are turning SIN upside down overnight. Can you imagine if enforcement of rules falls on native Singaporean and these foreign workers can walk freely then we must be stranger in our own country.

Anonymous said...

It not only going to happen in serangoon garden & more to come, look at my place woodlands amiralty, yishun, boon lay etc full of foreigners loitering not just at shoppjng mall, foodcourt and mrt station, they like to gathered together drinking with penuts then left with rubbishes and we are paying service & conservancy monthly to HDB Touncil to clear their shits.

Besides, this foreigners like to flir with maids and sex with them, I have saw several occassions, the maid hold hand with foreigners(either indian or bagalesh)then bring them to owner house when the owners are out for work and what happen next you know lah.

Remember, few year back a raped inccident happened in our places. Just wonder how our "extra-ordinary" millionair leaders going to deal their nonsense, we just can't kept silence and complacent b'cos it going to threaten our peaceful life here, security and more & more foreigners flooded here, we are going to become minority in our shore, isn't a great joke, indeed we are minority now look at our mrt specially during weekend in my place. Inside the train more than 65% are alliens...i am to scare & how to reproduce ourselves when our leaders are moving too fast to allow more to come....

redbean said...

we want economic growth, but at what cost? is there a need to have rapid growth in a compressed time? what are we trying to prove?

the consequences of such policies are the social costs that the people will have to bear. now we are lucky that they are confining their interests to the maids.

imagine when they turn their attention to our daughters, sisters and wives.

we need people with a balance head to run the country. not those with a head full of winds.

Anonymous said...

Again we cannot/must not brush all fw with same brush for actions of small sector of fw.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as if we are talking about sub human creatures here. Are sex urges and bochap attitudes exclusive only to foreign workers? I find many locals more rude and uncouth. We are able to achieve more in life only becos of the priviledged circumstances of being born in the right place. These foreign workers did not have that same headstart in life. When we follow others to sneer at those less priviledged and disadvantaged as if they are some kind of beasts or aliens, what does that tells you about our education despite the years of schooling? The foreigner workers are here only to eke out a decent living. They worked more in a honest day than most people I know. They have families to feed and burdens to bear. Has wealth and affluence robbed us of compassion and humanity?

redbean said...

foreign workers are just labour for hire. they are here because we brought them here, just like the british brought our forefathers here. we can't blame them for being here.

it is the policies and decision makers that shuld be the issue. not everyone agree with such policies and so many foreign workers here. and not many are prepared to live side by side with them. and when the people brought them here and want to put them beside any housing estate, you cannot blame the people from objecting.

who create the shit should remove the shit and not spreading it around to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I contend these Indian or Bangla FW and Chinese kopis girls are no threats to SIN.

It the way our policy masters are giving top post to the falang and FTs putting them in command & charge; they in turn bring more same kind and give away contracts & jobs to same kind, that will tip the ice.

I contend our children's future are at risk of being run over by these FTs, not the FW. The FW contract finish, MOM cancel their permit, they go back as poor as they started. Whereas these falang or FTs otherwise stays back. Wake up SIN.

We need FTs to create jobs. This must be the biggest jokes. GIC buys into their company and put these FTts in the helm in the belief they will in turn make more monies for SIN. Once they screw up, they get golden handshake and FO. At whose expense?

Leave the FW alone let these FWs who build our city find a resting place for their tired bodies. We take back top post from FTs.