Another secret success formula

I think I have just discovered another secret formula for Singapore's success, or to be specific, the Table Tennis Team's success. Firepower! Firepower not only among the players, but the management team. The latter is even more critical. There are 38 talents in the STTA's Committee. And these include a Minister of State, 3 MPs and one ex MP. This is a powerful combination of some of the best brains that a sports association can ever dream of. We almost got Zhang Yi Ning in the team if things had gone our way. She was spotted long ago by one of the committee members and was chosen. But the Chinese refused to release her. That was a golden choice. This Committee is the brain behind the STTA's success. They did all the planning and talent scouting and laid the foundation for the development of a solid team. All the sports association can learn from this secret formula. Recruit more supertalents into the association first. Then the medals will come.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, provided they don't throw a spanner in their own works, like their current President.