Another crack in the armour of NS

The only real national service that is being done today is uniformed service by NS men under the coercion of the Enlistment Act. And here it is pure sacrifice in terms of money, effort and opportunity cost. The rest are only lip service. Statutory Boards and public services have been transformed to money making machines when making money is the sole reason for their existence. From health, education, to public transportatio or anything, it is all about money first. I read in the paper about parents griefing that their little 2 or 3 year olds having to pay transport fares once they grow above 0.9m. It is like flogging a dead horse. No, the transport companies are private companies and they must make profits, as much as they can, and if they can make babies pay, they will. It is not a public service to serve the people. It is about making money and more money. They need not do any national service.

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