Above the Law

I have been posting about the dictation culture here. This is a mindset that people assume that they can do anything they like, introduce foolish laws and regulations, no matter how obnoxious or atrocious, and think they can get away with it. And they did, so far so good. This attitude and culture is not new and is very prevalent in communist, dictatorship and authoritarian states. And we are one, according to a prominent ST editor. Even in democracies, such things happened. But they have checks and balances to make sure that abuses of power and positions can be checked. The people who made laws and regulations think that they are the law or better still, above the law. They made laws and others obey laws. No one is there to judge them or above them to kick their arses if they floundered. To prevent such nonsense, no one must be allowed to be above the law. There must be institutions that can play the checks and balance role.

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