Your story, you decide

I have just read a post in YPAP on a video clip in Youtube, specially made on the tussle for the organs of Sim Tee Hua a few years back. You can view it here, HOTA Saga - Sim Tee Hua http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE2u0l083Nc. What is important about this video, which is also about Youtube and cyberspace, is that you, everyone of you, is now master of your own destiny, in a way. You determine and decide what you want to say, when you want to say it, how you want it told, and how often you want it retold. No issue will die and fade away. If no one wants to talk about it, or someone says move on, you can totally ignore that person and continue to do what you deem fit. This changes the whole equation completely. And this HOTA Saga video will be in Youtube forever until it is removed. After viewing the video again, there is one point I want to make here. The medical profession and all its wise men, people that are as wise as god, can have their learned definition of brain dead. To them, once a person is brain dead, he is dead. On the other hand, the peasants, the people like you and me, have our own interpretation of what constitute death and when a person is considered dead. When the heart is still beating, the person is still breathing, the body is warm, or when the hand can still grip, there is still life. The wise men may disagree, but that is the definition of the peasants and that is how they live life. The wise men may disagree and use the authority of their super knowledge and the law to squash any protest from the ordinary beans, they will win and can do what they want, but the victims and their related ones will never agree with them and will never forgive them. We have human bean justice and rights and wrongs here on earth. What if there is another justice and rights and wrongs system in the next realm of existence? Who knows? The thing is that what some wise men think is right may not be right to other people. What if they err? Medical knowledge is progressing everyday and a next truth is found every moment. The truth today is not the ultimate truth and a new truth is waiting to be discovered tomorrow. The other disgusting part about the whole episode is the unthinking enforcement of a medical directive that has become law. It was totally devoid of humanity and compassion. Totally inhuman, insensitive, robotic or machine like in the execution. The bad taste and the pain and suffering of the victims will always be etched deeply in their minds. Did anyone learn something out of that episode and become more human? Has the execution of such an incident been carefully reviewed and modified? Who dares claim that he is absolutely right in such cases, that a brain dead man is dead and not an ounce of a chance that he may live?

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