Why we need GRCs?

Does anyone know why we need GRCs? Just give a guess even if you don't know. Don't be shy. Ok, you. Yes? GRCs were introduced so that we have several MPs serving the citizens. More MPs serving the citizens means better service. Good. Next. Mmmm...I think more MPs in one GRC means economy of scale. Resources can be pooled and can do bigger things together, like producing records for the Guinness Book of Records. Good answer. Yes? GRC means you vote only for the party. No need to worry about the quality of the candidates. The party is the brand that guarantees quality. Nice answer. Oh yes, you at the back. GRC means if one candidate dies or cannot serve the people, no need to worry. Got many other MPs to help to stand in. Service to the people is guaranteed. OK, sounds logical. Wait, wait, I think GRC also means no need by election if one MP is not around. Save money and save time. No need to trouble the citizens to go and vote. What about you? My answer is all the above. Excellent. I give you a F grade. It's ok if you people do not know the answer. Most of you probably were not born yet when GRC was introduced. Some of the older ones may have dementia and forgot why too. Never mind, I will conduct a refresher course on the Development of the Singapore Political System and the importance of GRCs. Course fee is $500.

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Anonymous said...

The aim is to stamp out any independent candidate from contesting in any ward under the GRC.