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Why no need for season tickets?

Season tickets have been in used for public transportation in many countries for years. The main objectives, other than convenience, include discounts for frequent users or for those whose use a lot of public transport. It will eat a little into the profits of the transport companies but it is also a way to reward loyal customers. In countries where there is real competition, season tickets also help to retain customers if the tickets are only for designated transport companies. Why is season tickets such a pain and not being offered to the Singaporean commuters? Why are the transport companies mulling over it for so long and could not see its advantages to the commuters, which, ok, means a little disadvantage to the companies in terms of discount and lesser profit? The last past must be the reason. Why should they give discount to commuters when there is no competition and no need to? The other reason which commuters forgot, is that most of the commuters are already purchasing season tickets by paying in advance in their EZlink cards. So the commuters are already paying season. What for give them discount when they are already doing it? The is the same principle that is applied in many areas. Our hospitalisation bills are being paid in advanced, used or not used, through Medisave accounts. Fat hope that the season tickets will be introduced. Oh I heard it is in the plan.


Mockingbird said...

last time SBS got the shareholders's monthly season pass. Frequent travelers should have the option to purchase such a season ticket again.

redbean said...

it is not a case of should. it is a case of if they want to let them purchase season tickets.

got bottom line to protect.

Anonymous said...

Doing business is so easy in Singapore as long as you have the connections. You can never loose money. The measures are in place to ensure that the transport operators make money, never loose money. This kind of set up I think any Tom, Dick and Harry also know how to run. Just price your product so you make money. No competition, no fuss. So simple.

redbean said...

i think the school bus companies may be struggling to hold on to their little profit.