The uneasy silence

Last week The Sunday Times published an article by Nur Dianah Suhaimi on the least favourite child. I commented about the article here and in mysingaporenews. Both were greeted with an eerie silence. That is uniquely Singapore. Turn the other way to be safe. There was also no follow up on the article in the Straits Times. It appears to be a red herring and finding no takers. Surprisingly, The Sunday Times reported that more than 300 emails replied to the ST forum and a few were selected for printing today. If what I read is representative of the 300 emails, we are making progress in this area. The replies were positive and progressive. As a minority, there were discrimination but the thorn is on the issue of NS in the Army. And the Malays felt that they have to work harder than anyone to be successful. This was what my parents told us when we were pathetically poor in the 60s. We were not fortunate to be from an affluent or well to do family. And much more effort is needed just to keep up. What is important is the spirit of wanting to compete and preparing to work harder and knowing that it can bring results. There is also a confidence that they can do it, and many have proven so, competing in the same playing field and excelling. We have our fair share of history and historical baggages. What is important is to leave them behind and move forward. Some things cannot be changed quickly but change they will. I think we are not stagnant in this area and if we keep on progressing, we can make this a better place for all. If we can make it so good for foreign talents, there is no reason why we cannot make it better for the Made In Singapore. Made in Sin for short.

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