Unbecoming to mean test lawyers

A bill was tabled in Parliament to put lawyers to a medical test to determine their mental soundness. This iss necessary as some may be quite advanced in age or may be having psychiatric problems that may render them unfit to handle legal matters anymore. Ellen Lee spoke against this motion on the ground that it would put undue pressure on these lawyers and also embarrass them. There will also be a stigma against them and very difficult for them to face the world again. I think I can support this as learned lawyers should be treated with due respect and should not be put under the microscope. It is very humiliating. Mean testing the ordinary people should be ok. They have lesser feelings, lesser pride and will not be embarrassed, and neither will they protest. And definitely no social stigma. And they would not have MPs to speak for them in Parliament. It is regrettable that the bill was passed and the dignified lawyers will be subject to such humiliating test. Shanmugam argued that the interest of the clients that must be protected from medically or mentally unsound lawyers. I can also agree with this.

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