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There is no stopping Anwar

The Anwar machine is steamrolling at full speed ahead. Nothing can stop him now, except of course you know what could. What the Malaysians could expect tomorrow after the swearing in of Anwar will be a political avalanche starting in East Malaysia. All the BN component parties there will just abandon ship and switch allegiance to Anwar. This will be followed swiftly by a mass exodus of MPs in West Malaysia. MPs from UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan will simply walk across the benches in Parliament House to join Anwar. It will be open rebellion and the BN will crumble to dust. That I think will be the scenario on Thur and Friday when Anwar attends his first Parliament sitting. And he could immediately declare that he is forming the next govt. If it does not happen, then it must be just a fairy tale. Hidup Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

You are hallucinating, my friend. The Speaker already said Anwar won't be sworn in durng this session. And the East Malaysian crossover scenario is just a figment of Anwar's imagination. He has no hope of the Sarawak MPs doing that as Taib Mahmud has an iron grip on the state BN. Sabah MPs are a possibility, given the right amount of money, but then no one is going to make the first move. The non-Malay Peninsula-based component parties in BN have been all but decimated in March, so their numbers alone aren't going to be sufficient. It all boils down to whether UMNO MPs are going to make the jump. Based on ground intelligence, that too is quite unthinkable.

redbean said...

it has been announced this morning that anwar will be sworn in at 12.30pm tomorrow and will attend Friday's budget meeting in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Even so, he still faces the prospect of having his bail revoked when his case comes up for mention in Sep, and subsequently be convicted for sodomy again and lose his seat. The fact that they are allowing him to be sworn in could indicate that they have other avenues in mind to fix him up permanently. He could very well achieve a mention in the Malaysian Book of Records for being the MP with the shortest tenure ever.

redbean said...

the swearing in could be an opportunity to arrest him and lock him out. but the govt must prepare for a riot.

anwar can only save himself and get the sodomy charges drop, and even turn the table on his fixers by seizing power and become the PM himself.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to riot ? The Malay electorate by and large is still largely with UMNO and BN. PP is his stronghold so it is a mistake to extrapolate his victory there as a sign that the Malays have deserted UMNO. The swing towards the opposition among Malay voters in the last election was a paltry 6%, mostly from the urban constituencies. The rural Malay heartland except for Kelantan and to a lesser extent Kedah, is still largely UMNO territory. I don't think the non-Malays ahve the guts to go out and face the FRU.

redbean said...

the non bumis cannot riot. only the bumis and pas supporters. if the non bumis riot, they will become practice targets for the fru and they will be most happy to spray the bullets at them.

anwar has many bumi supporters and pas supporters. they will protect anwar.