Singapore style entrepreneurship

The term 'entrepreneur' connotes a certain kind of adventurism, dynamism, gungho, pathfinders, self reliance, risk taking etc etc. The Singaporean style entrepreneurs are slightly different. It is all about reliance, about relying on the govt. Singaporeans want a gold medal at the Olympics. The govt knows the answer. Singaporeans want to venture overseas, the govt will take the lead. The govt is the pathfinders. They beat the path to China, India, the Middleeast and Russia. And the Singapore Inc follows. Now, Singaporeans who are lonely and not knowing how to go dating, the govt steps in. The govt will teach them how to go dating and find a mate. Actually the one and only entrepreneur in Singapore is the Singapore Govt.


Mockingbird said...

it's not easy to strike it rich by starting one's business because the govt controls and owns so many stuff in the market.

If one of the opposition parties ever becomes Singapore's ruling party, can we rely on them equally to take care of things?

redbean said...

the opposition party will not have a chance at the election box unless they put up good candidates. otherwise, it will be a hit here and plenty of misses there.

also, the ruling party must have messed up things so badly that the people want to dump them. there must be the push and pull factor to get a new party into power.