A script written in heaven

Malaysia and Malaysians were seeing themselves heading into the longkang. With so much wealth but a country going nowhere. Political leaders were just there to look after their own personal interests but unable to carve a new direction to take the people and country forward. Sometimes one wonders what is going on in Malaysia. The stone the builder cast aside shall now be the corner stone to build a new nation. Anwar has returned from the wilderness, cast away by the dark forces to contemplate in solitude, in a jail, to find a new path forward. Anwar could have succeeded Mahathir in the conventional way, and inherited lock, stock and barrel of what UMNO was all about. He could have been misled to believe that that was the way. Or he may not have the choice but become a victim of the system, to play along and finish the song. He could just be another Mahathir, bullying all the component parties in his ruthless way, become as corrupt as anyone of them. It was not meant to be. Heaven has greater plans for him and for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. Anwar must be cut off from all the wrong doings he was stuck with. He must be cleansed, through the baptism of fire, to suffer all the injustice and inequalities. Then to discover there is another way, a better way to lead Malaysia forward. The current way is the surest way to self destruction. Anwar must be humbled and brought down on his knees and reborn into a new man. Anwar had seen the worst. Having tasted how bad life could be, and even worst, he is then led by the force to return from the mountain, like Musa, to lead his people under a new covenant from heaven. It has to be this way. It is Anwar's destiny and the destiny of Malaysia. Inshaallah.


Anonymous said...

we cannot argued with AL Qadaa Wal Qadar. Anwar is not a massiah nor a mahdi of Malaysia but an Insan(humanbeing). I do wish him all the best for the sake of Malaysians and muslims. It is time Malaysia get rid of corruption in poltics.

redbean said...

tempt him, corrupt him, let him sink into ignominy with the pariahs of society. then lift him up, cleanse him and make a new man out of him.

anwar had gone through all the sinful temptations of life. he is the reformed man to rise from the mud like a lotus flower, pure and clean.