Saying Sorry is enough

Lee Bee Wah has said sorry in a press conference for the storm in the tea cup that she has stirred. In a strange and ironic way, she has become the centre of the storm instead of the absence of a coach for Gao Ning. That incident when a player was apparently seen as being abandon in a world stage is no longer an issue. Case closed. With the apology, it is right that Singaporeans should move on. It shows that we are maturing and have a heart wide enough to accept people's mistakes and would not rub salt into the wound. I hope no one will stand up and demand more to make a point. There is a certain decorum and ethical conduct that we should abide by and let this be an example of what good public behaviour is all about and be the guiding light into the future. Singaporeans should be seen to be genuinely nice people and not mean little people that are unforgiving and vindictive. When one is kind, the karmic force of kindness shall return to you.

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Anonymous said...

You mean 'Mean little people' who said sorry also must explain? Ha ha ha!