The return of Anwar

He has won back his seat in Permatang Pauh with a bigger margin than Azizah. It only shows that his people are strongly behind him. What is more important is that the sodomy case is dumped by the voters. Not important or seen as a mere political ploy. Anwar is marching back to Parliament with a long list of agenda to reform the country. Would he be given the chance? Would the MPs in BN break ranks and join him? His star is shining and he looks every inch like the next PM. He has suffered so much injustice done to him and tested in the caudron of fire. He could be the real man for a new and revitalised Malaysia. Now the question is whether the govt will get to him first and lock him up before he gets to Parliament. If the former, it is likely for law and order to break down in Malaysia. It is now a dangerous move after Anwar has proven that the ground swell is behind him. What a race and what a result.


Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of things going to unravel. I think Mahathir should be worrying. But of course the Government can get to Anwar first. Either way, as you say, it is now a dangerous time in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The odds are still stacked heavily against Anwar. The Parliamentary Speaker has come out to say that he won't be sworn in during the current session which ends on this Fri. Parliament will then take a long break and only reconvene in mid-Oct. meantime, Anwar has to bein court in Sep, and there is a good chance the prosecutor may apply for bail to be revoked since sodomy offences re non-bailable. In prison, who knows what may happen to him. There are powerful forces and interests at work. Anwar is up against the entire governmental machinery. It may be curtains down for him much sooner than we think.

redbean said...

he will be sworn in tomorrow at 12.30pm.