The real thing - Take-now-talk-later

Balji may have been hoping for a change in the mindset with his call for a give-now-talk-later approach. The reality is that we have been practising the take-now-talk-later method for too long and it is becoming a national habit. And I am very sure many of you understand what this take-now-talk-later means through your own personal experiences. We have been victims of this practice for too long and in many ways. While on this, one thing that comes to mind is that you should not put your money into someone else pocket. That is the most dangerous thing to do. No matter what assurance the person tells you, it is safer to put your money in your own pocket. Even if you don't spend it, you can feel it, touch it, and know that you can do whatever you want with it. Once you put it into someone's pocket, you can be very sure that someone will apply the take-now-talk-later principle, and whoosh, your money becomes not your money anymore. And in times like this, even putting in banks is pointless. Banks can run into trouble too. So there is a risk involved. And for the miserable 0.5% interest rate, it is not worth the risk. Keep your money in your own pocket. Beware of this take-now-talk-later mentality.


Mockingbird said...

Whoever dares to takes my money, i would shoot him dead first and ask him questions later.

redbean said...

bang, bang.

oops, what have you shot? a cow, a hen or a mickey mouse?

just kidding : )

Anonymous said...


I do wish that You can bring down some daylight robbers, but being a bird, You are likely to fall prey to.....

Just kidding though my wish is sincere.