Protect lawyers from foreign competition

A bill was passed to allow foreign lawyers to practise in Singapore. This will encourage more competition and raise the standard of local lawyers. But some lawyers and MPs were against this even if foreign lawyers were limited to commercial and international arbitration. Domestic legal matters will still be protected from foreign competitors. My reaction is that why should our legal profession be protected when other professions are not? Liberalisation and allowing better talented foreigners to practise here will be good for everyone. The standard of legal practice and the legal profession will have everything to gain. This is a laudable move. The next phase of our liberalisation should be allowing foreigners to stand for election to Parliament. This must be good for the country and people too as better foreign talents would be able to serve the people better. I fully support such liberalisation. Before we go ahead with all these great liberalisations, I would like to propose selling the whole country to the highest bidder. Then the money be shared equally by all Singapore citizens. Subsequently these ex Singaporeans can choose to stay or leave this island since it is no longer their country. Yes we are moving into a borderless world and country, nation or citizenship has no meaning and no relevance anymore. There is no need to protect the interest of citizens. This is a boring and tedious thing for any govt to do. By selling this island, everyone will have to take care of himself and be self reliance. It is meritocracy at its best. Survival of the fittest. The weak and poor will no longer be a burden to anyone or the govt. Just give them a fair share of the sale and everyone can do anything they want. Would that be nice?

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Anonymous said...

Lawyers need protection. Citizens need no protection. Soon, policemen need more protection than Citizens.