Notable quote by Chok Tong

'Good govt needn't fear demos' Goh Chok Tong This is the quote I read in the ST today. I must agree. When you have good govt, there is no need for demos. See, Singapore got no demos. But after the opening up of Hong Lim Park, maybe got demos. But that does not mean we have bad govt. We allow or ask them to demo. See the difference. In Thailand it was spontaneous demonstration or orchestrated demonstration.


Anonymous said...

'Good govt needn't fear demos'
Goh Chok Tong

Why then the need to confine demos to inconspicuous Hong Lim Park? Why not outside Istana or Padang?

Anonymous said...

Well, all those years what were they fearing when they kept on saying they are the best government in the world.

Anonymous said...

Of course, govts have nothing to fear of demonstrations as they have army,police and court on their side. Even then they are afraid ... why!

Anonymous said...

The picture of GCT & his team shown laughing in relation to the press Q & A on the said subject is really not necessary.
It is not so nice.

redbean said...

haha, don't take it so seriously. maybe he was just joking when they shot him.