Notable quote by Philip Yeo

'Make sure that our young people are hungry. If our young people are not hungry enough, bring in hungrier ones from overseas. Make them feel hungry, increase the hunger index.' Philip Yeo This may be a magic formula to keep our young competitive and not becoming complacent. Get hungry people who are willing to do more for less, who wanted to do more just to make their lives a little better, bring them here. One very difficult task, and very formidable task, is to make people who are very full to feel hungry. One contradiction is that while everyone knows and can see that these very full people are very full of everything, they sincerely believe that they are very hungry and wanted to have more, but not to do more. This is the biggest challenge facing paradise. The money not enough is not a problem of the poor. It is the problem of the rich. Everyday they kpkb, money not enough.

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