No need for world class lawyers

Why are we clamouring for world class lawyers to practise here? Even if they are for commercial and international arbitration, there is really no need for them. We are like starting an arms race here and in the region. Aren't our lawyers the best in the region? All we need is a lawyer that is better than the other lawyer to win a case. Put two Class D lawyers in the court room, one will win. Put two Class A lawyers in a court room, only one will win. The only good thing coming out from having world class lawyers is for the people to pay world class legal fees. Having Class C or D lawyers are not that bad actually. Even if they think they are legal aces, they will still charge local prices. If one party starts to engage world class lawyers, the other party too will do the same. How many of our losers here can afford world class legal fees? This is the same logic as the drive for world class medical facilities, world class public transport etc etc. Our losers will have to pay for them. And all our losers are crying for help for money no enough. There is no need to put piranhas into a small local pool of tilapias. The story will have a sad ending with many more hungry piranhas. This is what is happening to the stockbroking industry. Too many piranhas, and all the longkang fishes have been eaten up. All limping and lambeh lambeh. Take this story as a bad learning experience.


Anonymous said...

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redbean said...


thanks for sharing the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Save the local Lawyers.Our elite lawyers are sharing the wealth with fellow lawers from abroad not with local. Am i xenophobic?

Anonymous said...

The best lawyers in Singapore won't fight on your side. Ask Dr. Chee.

redbean said...

at the current fees the local lawyers are charging, many who are sued in court quietly pay up even if they are innocent. for they could not afford to pay for a legal battle.

this is the kind of injustice in our society. an innocent party pleading guilty in the court of law when all parties know that he is innocent. what a fantastic system we have.

and thing will be worst if one is served a legal letter from the top foreign lawyer and you know you are sure to lose and only chance is to pay for a even better lawyer.

what kind of justice are the ordinary people going to get?