Myth 187 - The Opposition will destroy the country

Anwar Ibrahim will destroy Malaysia. A Jihad has been called to defeat him. He is a monster and that is what the Malaysian ruling party would want the Malaysians to believe. We are also hearing similar calls at home. The opposition will destroy the country. When the opposition comes into power, Singapore will be finished in a matter of a few years. This is what the Messiah of Doom is saying. How many believe in the Messiah? For what I can remember, Singapore prospers and is what it is today because our forefathers voted in an opposition. And the opposition was not a monster or irresponsible people. They were men and women committed to build a better nation for all Singaporeans. For the believers of the Messiah of Doom, they must believe in a few assumptions. One, the opposition are evil men out to destroy the country. Two, the electorates are fools and reckless and will vote fools and reckless people to govern them. Three, what we see is what we get, and what we are seeing of the opposition are not very encouraging. Four, when in power, the opposition will sack all the able civil servants and bring in a team of retards to help them plunder the country. I think it is very unkind to make assumptions that the opposition leaders are evil men who have nothing better to do than to scheme to destroy the country. And it is also very insulting to belittle the electorate to think that they are unthinking and foolish enough to vote any joker to Parliament. If that notion is true, then all the elections in the past years was a joke and jokers were voted to Parliament by a foolish electorate. The electorate are no fools and will use their vote wisely. When the time comes for them to vote in an opposition, it will mean that the opposition has put up good and decent people to be elected. What we are seeing is only a temporary state of things. The few opposition leaders we are seeing is not a good example of the things to come. And when good opposition candidates are voted to govern the country, you can bet that they will be reasonable and able people and will be supported by all the talents in the civil service and all sectors of the society. We cannot simply dismiss the opposition as irresponsible adventurers who are out to destroy the country. The future of every country is in the opposition, just like when our forefathers voted in the opposition to bring us to what we are today.

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